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Ocean Eyes™ Polarized Lenses

Benefits of Polarized Lenses

So, why are polarized lenses so awesome? Polarized lenses are coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce glare. Glare is caused when light from the sun is reflected off of water or a solid surface. By neutralizing glare, polarized lenses help you see objects more clearly, and also help reduce the harmful effects of UV light.

How Polarization Works

The sun’s rays reflect light in every direction, so when a ray hits a flat surface, the reflected light shines back at your eye and is magnified, causing glare. It reduces your depth perception, distorts your view and color perception, and can even temporarily blind you.

Regular sunglasses are designed to only reduce the amount of light that is transmitted through the lens horizontally and vertically. But the chemical filter on the lenses of polarized sunglasses is designed to absorb horizontal light waves, while still allowing vertical waves to pass through. Because light only travels in one direction through polarized lenses, glare is eliminated.

polarized lenses

Lens Types

Smoke/Gray: The most popular color for general purpose use. Colors remain true with no distortion. Light is flattened to maintain normal depth perception.

Green: Not as dark as smoke and not as bright as amber. Colors remain true with good clarity.

Amber: Especially effective for filtering scattered blue light commonly found in hazy, foggy or low light conditions. Improves depth perception and image content in variable light conditions. Popular for in-shore fishing, skiing and driving in low light.

Blue mirror: Reflective coating on surface to reduce glare, usually using gray lens base.

Green mirror: Reflective coating on surface to reduce glare, with amber lens base (low light).

Bi gradient: Flashed mirror top and bottom to protect against overhead and reflective glare.


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