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Karen Snyder Cardinal

Omg He Sees His Reflection in My Ocean Eyes Sunglasses!

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Omg He Sees His Reflection in My Ocean Eyes Sunglasses!

Karen Snyder CardinalA local Jupiter resident recorded video of a curious cardinal that appears to be intrigued by its reflection in her Ocean Eyes sunglasses.

The video was posted Sunday on Facebook by Karen Snyder and has already been shared more than 300 times. “Aww look he likes my Ocean Eyes sunglasses 😎!”

Now, she says the friendly cardinal has been taking food from her hand for almost a year. Snyder said the birds often come to her window or visit her while she is in her garden several times a day.

Editor: I guess that Cardinal loved the way he looked in his Ocean Eyes!


Ocean Eyes 2018 Logo Art

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Ocean Eyes Polarized Lenses

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