Our ARUBA sunglasses feature a retro inspired brow line frame with clear nose pads for added comfort. They have a plastic top frame that runs across your brow and thin metal rims around the bottom half of the lenses. They have PC polarized lenses with Hydrophobic and Anti-reflective lens coatings and UVA,  UVB protection.

PC (polycarbonate) lenses are about 10 times more impact resistant than normal plastic or glass lenses. They are lightweight and provide ultra violet (UV) protection.

Hydrophobic coating is applied to the outside of the lenses to combat visual distortion caused by rain, water spray and sweat, allowing droplets to simply bead off the lenses. The coating is called a nanoscopic surface layer which also helps repel grease, oil, dust and stains such as fingerprints. Another key benefit is that the lenses become very easy to clean.

Anti-reflective coating is also known as AR coating, and it is applied on the backside of sunglass lenses. The interest is to minimize glare and reflections bouncing off the reverse side of the lenses back into your eyes and disrupting the sharpness, contrast and precision of your vision. Because it helps prevent visual fatigue, AR coating is highly recommended for driving.

Frame color:  shiny black and silver

Lens color:  green

Green lenses are ideal for both sunny and low light environments and reduce glare while brightening shadows. Perfect for water or field sports and cycling or skiing.

Your order arrives packaged in a microfiber pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth.