BIFOCAL SUNGLASSES Sunglasses with built-in reading bifocals on the lower part of the lens for reading outside. For instance, if you only need reading glasses, these are for you! You would only need one pair of glasses that will allow you to see far away......

We offer a wide variety of styles for everyone from the hardcore angler, the sportsman, the fashionista, & kid’s. But the best part….quality sunglasses at realistic prices! We created Ocean Eyes™ sunglasses for a specific reason, to make quality polarized sunglasses at an affordable price, period...

Find authentic prescription sunglasses for all sports, from biking to climbing, fishing to motorcycling, or simply to look your best. Plus, get the UV protection and glare cutting you need with polarized sunglasses that are customized just for you. Our professional opticians will fulfill your prescription and then ship you your sunglasses....

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Prescription &

You need them. WE HAVE THEM. We are now offering Bifocal AND Prescription Lenses for all Ocean Eyes Frames!